Pre-Op TS Lady Xotica comes to USA ..!

My Session story in New York City

From Brad

Lady Xotica is a force of nature. Before meeting her I had no experience as a slave and I ultimately met her several times in NYC while she was visiting. I still long for her presence in my life. In the few times we met she imprinted herself into my psyche and taught me that I haven't come close to reaching my sensual potential. And I probably never will without her guidance. 

Arriving at her apartment she had me strip my clothes and massage her feet and suck her toes while she reclined languorously. When her feet had been pampered to her satisfaction she had me give her a full body massage. I did so slowly and enjoyed exploring every inch, every curve, of her beautiful body. When she was suitably relaxed stood and told me to kneel at her feet. When I was in position she had me to open my mouth and inserted her cock, laying it across my tongue, then commanded me to swallow everything without spilling a drop. To my surprise she began pissing into my mouth, controlling the flow of her pee so it didn't overwhelm me. Her golden champagne was surprising delicious - sweet and warm. To this day I still fantasize about the taste of her pee and the feeling of complete ownership that overwhelmed me as I swallowing her piss. She was pleased that I swallowed it without making a mess and I was glowing with pride when she commanded me to clean my ass using a enema that attached via hose to a bathroom faucet. I stayed in the bathroom until I was completely clean then joined her in her bedroom where she made me suck her perfect cock. I was in absolute heaven on my knees and pleasing her. I could spend days worshipping her. She never had to raise her voice, she commanded me with small gestures, a sweet smile and direct orders.  
When she pushed me backward onto her bed and lifted my legs I was nervous because I'd never been topped but she took me slowly, firmly and passionately. With her cock buried deep in me I realized that I had never truly felt ecstasy. When she pulled out of my pussy/ass I was weak and shaking with desire, in the perfect state of mind to be molded, and she sealed the deal by slipping her hard cock into my mouth and cumming vigorously.

It's my goal to serve her in the longer term. To be her houseboy, slave and servant serving in any capacity. If she would have me I would give up my life in NYC, my marriage and my job.  Her power runs that deep and the joy I felt at her feet was something I've sought to claim for many years. She released me from my understanding of what I am and unlocked my potential to be something greater. I would massage her, clean her body, feed her and maintain her home and business.  As her property I would please her friends and clients. She is my Queen.


Slave Brad NYC , January 5, 2014


Southeast Asian Dominant Beauties Take Shanghai


This September torment and bliss dawned on Shanghai. My best friend, Filipino Mistress Porsha, and I began our maiden journey to China on, appropriately enough, Friday the 13th. 

The city definitely intrigued us and we decided that before we offer our legion of slaves the honor and privilege to session with us, we would like some time to ourselves to explore and tour the city. Of course every where we went we always turned heads and drew slew of attention from men and women. The sight of two gorgeous, fashionable and fetish-clad ladies was seldom unnoticed. Even the language barrier did not inhibit the interested and the aroused to approach and beg for our attention.

One of our most memorable times in those first two days was our visit to Adult Shop in 428 Tianmu Zhong Lu, near Xizang Lu. The abundance of fetish gear and sex toys turned Porsha and I into kids in a candy store. We just couldn’t walk away from there before we had our hands full with bags of goodies for our own enjoyment and our slaves’ fun and torment.

Finally it was time for us to give Shanghai slaves a taste of the Southeast Asian beauties and the chance to prove their worth and improve their skills to serve us. 

One of our first slaves was a novice submissive who was so nervous we spent the first 15 minutes counseling him and put him in his comfortable skin. When he was, he surprised with his desires and fantasies. Like all novices, his fantasies were bigger than he could swallow. Luckily for this sub, he was in the hands of two skilled and experienced Mistresses.

The best quality of this slave was his slutty ass and unlimited kinky desires. We used our medical equipment to stretch his ass open and make him the slut he desired to be. What really amazed us was his unending thirst for our golden champagne shower. He never let a drop of our golden nectar be wasted as he skillfully caught every bit of the liquid flowing from our bodies, and he swallow every ounce of it with joy. We were so turned on by his dedication.

Another slave in a double-domme session was a slave who hungered to see Mistress Porsha squirting. Well, we weren’t going to give it to him until he showed us his dedication. He proved it by doing anything we ordered him to do, he did not stop at anything to please us. He also proved his commitment by enduring much torture, bondage; and at the end he obediently knelt in the corner, with a pony tail but plug shoved his ass. From there, he watched Mistress Porsha stimulate herself.

When she was ready to squirt, I attached a leash to his collar and led him across the room to where Mistress Porsha was. There, I ordered him to place his slave face in front of Mistress Prosha’s pussy, who did not disappoint: Mistress Proshe rained upon his face her squirt and I complemented the Filipino squirt with my divine Indonesian pee monsoon. He was drained and was so grateful for this honor.

What a time we had in Shanghai. No shortage of fun sessions and slaves of all sorts:  sluts, sissy sessions, one-night kidnapping session, and on and on; solo and double-domme sessions.

When it was time for Me to leave, My dear had to stay a few more days. To ensure her comfort and safety, I ordered one of My devoted slaves to be her dog, protector and devoted submissive. He pleased Me by serving Mistress Porsha, from being his social secretary to a guard at her hotel room.



My session with Mistress Mel was quite sometime back but I volunteered to have my session written in this blog but only when Mistress finds it good to have it published. I hope this entry gets accepted. 

Mistress Mel was my first...and I will never forget this session which changed me, into a sissy whore. I made my first contact with her thru the messenger and shared that I was curious about x-dressing, bondage. I felt comfortable communicated with her and immediately arranged a session the next day. 

I went to the hotel and locate her room. I was so nervous but my curiosity took over me and I knocked on the door. Mistress Mel, dressed in black leather corset, stockings lead me into the room and asked me to sit on the dressing table chair. Mistress Mel talked to me about my fetishes, and told me that I could be turned into a sissy.. and sissies loves cock! I told mistress that I am not gay and I never suck any cock before.. I was just curious about x-dressing and bondage stuffs.. Mistress Mel said 'we shall see about this...' I did not understand what she meant at first...

Immediately, Mistress Mel instructed me to undress and tied my cock and balls with a small rope. She then gave me a padded bra and stockings to wear. I noticed that the ass-part of the black stockings was already torn. She then handed me a black nightie and I slipped it thru my body. I felt so aroused with an un-describe feeling inside me. I got turned on and Mistress Mel grabbed my cock and asked whether I was excited... I said yes. She then told me to sit on the chair facing the mirror. She knew that I like what I am seeing on the mirror.. This aroused feelings took over me. She told me to put my hands on my lap and close my eyes and not to say a word. I obeyed her instructions and i was struck when I felt that she was applying make-up on my face. I did not dare to move at all. I was spell-bounded. 

After she was done, I was told to open my eyes and she said I have such beautiful eyes. I saw a feminized version of me with make-up and lipstick. I gave a smile to Mistress Mel and thanked her for it. She then told me to pose like standing up and took some shots from her phone for her personal collection. I had gotten abit more than just x-dressing. Mistress Mel teased me that i'm such a slut with bits of my pre-cum stains on the stockings. 

Mistress Mel then instructed me to lie on the bed and bound both my hands and feet. She then put a ball-gag over me. Mistress, suddenly, turned into her dominant voice and showed me a big dildo and told me that one day this will be up into my ass.. I tried to tell her that I did not request for such thing but only muffled sounds came out. Mistress Mel uses the dildo and hit on my hard-on cock a few times! It was painful and only muffled sounds of pain could be heard from me. Mistress told me that by looking at my hard-on since the x-dress and make-up session, she knew that I am more than this.. Mistress wants me to accept for what I am from now on...a Sissy. She took a few shots of me being helplessly tied up and whispered that there's more to come and I better listen to her instructions if not, she will hit my sore cock again! I nodded my head and she told me not to move about and blindfolded me. 

I was there motionless for about 10 minutes and I heard knocks on the hotel door. I heard 2 persons entered and talked to Mistress Mel. I sense a smell of food and I believe they were are eating... Mistress shared with her friends that I had been a good obedient slave.. I felt a smack on my butt not sure who actually spanked me. 

Shortly, I was brought down from the bed and were on my knees with my hand and feet still binded. Mistress Mel took out out the blindfold and I saw 2 more Mistress, A & B (I did not get their names) standing infront of me. Mistress Mel sat down and instructed me to serve both Mistress A and B. My wig was adjusted and the ball-gag was removed. my jaw felt abit numb. Mistress Mel asked whether I will do anything to please her as a slave.. without thinking what was going to happen next, I said 'yes, I will do whatever Mistress wants me to do' Mistress Mel said 'anything?' and I affirmed it with 'yes, mistress Mel'. Mistress Mel was so pleased. 

To show my servitude, i kissed both Mistress A and B's feet. Mistress B stand aside with Mistress Mel's phone continued to take some shots. Mistress B instructed me to kiss her feet all the way up to her thigh and butt cheeks. She then spread her legs on the edge of the bed and she instructed to kiss her inner thighs. I saw the bulge between her legs and mistress pressed my head to her cock. I was forced to smell it into my head. Mistress then took out her dick and lead it into my mouth. I had a paused and Mistress Mel wants me to try sucking it... I submit to her ans started to suck Mistress A's cock. There I was, on my knees with my feet and hands bound trying hard to please all mistresses and suck Mistress A's cock. I felt degraded and dirty but my own desires had taken over me completely. I began to realise that I love sucking cock, the mental barrier in my mind was broke free by Mistress Mel. I had turned a sissy slut who loves to cock inside my mouth.

Mistress A guided me on how to a be good cock-sucking slut and I was thought well. Mistress A's cock became so large and it was pushed more deeper into my mouth. I even licked her balls and ass crack. I was completely under her spell. Mistress A's then lead me into the bathroom and told me to bend over over the tap. I knew what's virgin ass was to be raped. The stockings which I wore had a gap on the butt area was for cocks to gain access into it. Mistress A slowly insert her hard cock into my ass.. It was so painful at the beginning. Slowly, my ass begins to accept the cock up into my ass and Mistress A starts fucking me in a gradual pace. I was so feeling so high into ecstasy... 

After being fucked about 10 mins by Mistress A. Mistress B came in with her hard cock and it was her turned to fuck me... I gladly waited for Mistress B to pound my ass... It went on for almost another 10 mins.. I was drowned by my own lust... I had taken my second cock into my ass.. I felt like a whore. I was begging to be fuck.. and there I was... becoming a slut that I was inside me all this while. 

After the ass-raping session, Mistress Mel then instructed me to suck Mistress B's cock and masturbate myself with my other hand. Mistress Mel will only allow me to cum only when I sucked hard like a slut. I did not fail her and I cum like I never did before... 

The 3 Mistresses laughed when they saw my cum oozing out... It was a prize for me to release myself. A sissy slut shall only submit to her mistress demands... 

Mistress Mel told me that I will never forget this first experience and i will no longer be the man I used to be. I will be craving for more & more cocks... Yes indeed, I started to x-dress discreetly...fingering myself.. etc...
Mistress Mel had unlocked this within 
me and I look forward to serve her again. 

Slut Susie




Dear Mistress Melinda,

Thank you for making me your ASS-bassador, someone who will be your main cover for all anal play.
You had me knelt down and take your cock in my mouth the moment I entered your domain.And before I could react with a hard-on of my own, you were oh-so-cruel to tie my genitals with a shoelace until I was groaning in pain.

Pain it was, but it felt so good knowing that it was delivered by you my Mistress."Down" you commanded, that was all that's needed to make me roll-over on all fours with my perky ass all vulnerable for your pleasure.With your hands groping onto my ass cheeks and a single thrust, you shoved the entire length of your erection through my defenseless rear.

I moaned a little, with a tinge of pleasure and pain.It was all but a prelude of what was to come . .
Sensing that my ass was still defiant in the way I was enjoying your every movement deep inside me, you withdrew your tool altogether and left me devoid of any pleasure.

I felt so empty.

Just when I thought all was lost, you demanded that I kneel on the ground once again and assist you with a strap-on harness.I was truly elated seeing how huge the purple dildo was and wished I could wag my penis like how a puppy would display its happiness with its tail.

But unfortunately, my genitals were still caught up in your little web of lust.Tracing the base of the dildo all the way to the tip with my tongue, I wondered how it would all fit into me.
With a smack on the ass and being a good slave, I naturally went on all fours once again.You twirled the tip of the dildo at the entrance of my ass until I could bear no longer and begged you to plunge it all inside me.

As its head made a glorified entrance through the gates, I purred in contentment, like a little kitten.This must be submission.
I found myself crawling backwards, in a meek attempt to devour the entire tool with my rear.You tugged at the reins on my genitals, sending a jolt of pain right through my body.

All of which to remind me that you were in control and at no time should I be taking anything that I've not been given permission for.Even if it was a tool.
Before I could recover from the pain, you drove the entire shaft right into my rear, leaving me breathless.Oh you were so merciful at least for this instance.A continuous stream of precum was oozing from my penis and touching the ground as you increased the speed of your thrusts.I was in heaven.

"Now, I will prepare you for the finale", Mistress whispered into my ear.She went on to detach her harness but left the dildo in my ass.Within seconds, she returned with a beaded toy and slowly worked bead by bead into my already filled rear.The purpose of the double penetration was to make me ready for the record setting of being the first slave in her stable to take her fist within the first session.

With the two toys still embedded within, you got me to lay on bed in missionary.The process of shifting from doggie position on the ground to missionary on the bed really got my insides stretched by the toys.Just before I could adjust to the new position, you pulled out the purple dildo with one swift move.I was quivering from the intense sensation of having the dildo brush against my prostate at such great speed.Seeing me in near anal orgasam, you went on to pull out the other toy bead by bead, prolonging and intensifying my pleasure.

How I wished your beaded toy would never end.
Putting on your latex gloves with a distinct rubber snapping sound, I knew it was the beginning of the end.My rear was calling out to you with a gaping hole at this point.You slipped in a finger at a time, all of which teasing the prostate as they went along.

When a smile appeared on your beautiful face, I knew that you were about to move your last digit in.And I braced myself for the final moment.
You cackled with glee as your fist was finally in my ass.Impressed by how well I had taken it on our first session, you decided to reward me by untying the knots around my genitals and stroke me to orgasm with your available hand.

The combination of sensations in my rear and on my penis was unbelievable.It wasn't long until I let out a few shots of thick cum that left a trail from my belly to my neck.
I am very proud to be the only slave bottom who can take every single bit of your toys, including your fist on our first meeting.My rear officially belongs to you now my dear, you own it.

Please use my rear as you wish, or even rent it out to please your friends.

Your ASS-bassador,


Story from Petra part 1

Mistress had spent well over a year grooming her slave, slowly eroding his independence, amplifying his already held desires and introducing him to new more deviant needs. His will had steadily collapsed to the point that he needed to be in almost permanent contact online, chatting everyday about his deepest fantasies. However his family meant that chances to engage physically and turn him fully gay and sissify him completely were frustratingly few and far between. She had carefully gathered enough personal information to ensure that there would be no easy escape route. He himself had volunteered the information willingly as both understood that the power of blackmail can be used for good as well as evil. It was not about the money, it was just to give gentle prods from time to time to ensure he stayed on the right path. After all Mistress always knows what’s best for her slaves. He himself soon found himself addicted to the feeling of power transfer and craved the sensation of knowing each time he told her another personal detail, the invisible chains which bound him to her grew tighter and tighter.

Having spent so much time discussing her slaves fantasies Mistress was assured that the only thing keeping him from her was his ties to family. Mistress was empathetic to this and even though had the power to bring him to her at any time, she knew he must come willingly or not at all. She could sense the conflict and knew his desires were becoming harder and harder to resist. He was coming closer and closer to breaking point.

The opportunity she had patiently waited for was fast approaching. Soon the wife would be leaving for an extended break in her home country. For several weeks at least she would have him just where she wanted him. The plan was already in motion. All had been arranged. She would break him and he would be begging to do anything to be hers in a matter of weeks. Her cock got hard just thinking of the fun times ahead for them both.

The day finally came, the wife was still in the air on way home, when he knocked quietly at his Mistresses door. The door flung open and before him stood his divine Queen clad head to toe in pvc and leather. A truly terrifying sight as he knew she meant to make up for lost time. Her patience exhausted she set to work to make him her personal property.

No pleasantries were exchanged, just strip and go to the bedroom. He heard the front door close and lock behind him as he entered the bedroom. Inside he was greeted by two very well built naked young men. Before he could turn round he felt the crack of Mistresses whip on his bare ass. She pushed him into the bedroom and locked the door behind him. Alone with the two men, they advanced towards him. They were so much stronger than him so resistance was futile. He looked odwn to see his cock fully erect. He knew what was coming and gave himself willingly to the two young studs. Very soon, Mistress could hear the groans and slurping noises coming from her favourite slut and she smiled. Phase 1 complete. After an hour with the two guys, Mistress entered the room. He was handcuffed to the bed with his ass high in the air ready for any cock which may pass by. Good boy she said. The men were dismissed and they left the apartment. Chained up, there was nothing he could do as she began to attached clamps too his nipples and cock. He began writhing in pain, half in agony, half in ecstasy. She took out her whip and began to beat him severely. Far harder than ever before. He began to whimper as the pain overcame him and began to beg for her to stop. Why should i stop she said? Please please i will do anything, i cant bear this pain. Anything? She then directly asked him for his BB password. Why? He responded, at which the beating began again until he blurted out the code. Thank you she said as she retrieved the phone from his pants. She connected it up to her pc and began to download all his contacts. At which point he knew the trap had been firmly shut around him. Now there was absolutel no chance of ever escaping. Before he had at least a scenario whereby he had slim chance of escape which kept his resistance intact, albeit weakened. Now that was gone. She pointed to the video camera set up on the dressing table. HE had not even noticed. He nodded and understood what she would do if he ever disobeyed her again.

She smiled and came close and kissed him full on the lips Today i break Paul, tomorrow i start on petra as she mounted him from behind and began fucking his ass harder and harder till she erupted within him. Once satisfied, she unchained him and gave him two bottles containing 28 blue and green pills. Take one of each every day starting right now, 1/2hr before you come online with me. I want to see on cam you take them if you not in my presence. He nodded. He knew not to ask what they were, he just obeyed from now on.

He left the apartment with a mildly euphoric air about him. He hardly seemed to care he had been condemned to a lifetime of slavery. Little did he know that what he had been given were powerful feminising hormones and a medium strength dose of morphine. Mistress knew that the addictive qualities of the morphine would ensure his rapid dependence on her for more and the calming influence would prevent him freaking out as his body started to change before him. She would miss his hard erection but it was his ass she craved and it would be his wife who would miss them more. Once he was no longer able to fulfil his manly duties, the end would come swiftly. He would not be able to stop taking the pills as he was weak willed and would become easily addicted.

Next evening he turned up on time at Mistress apartment, he calmly entered and wondered what was in store tonight. Again, in full dominatrix mode, Mistress made him strip once more and took him directly into the bedroom. She had to fuck his ass straight away so she could focus on the job in hand so she bent him over the bend and rammed her hard cock into him without mercy till she was satisfied. She pushed him onto the chair in front of the dressing table and set to work on creating submissive sissy slut petra. As usual she worked a miracle and before long, that dumb blonde bombshell petra was sitting gazing into the mirror. Extra long eyelashes and pouty red lips were the order of the day. Mistress tied back petras long blond curls with a bandana and laid out a French maid outfit on the bed, complete with corset and fishnet stockings. Petra smiled, it was her favourite look. She loved to serve, preferably with her mouth and ass filled.

As she dressed she heard the front door open and the sound of chatting from the main room. The guests had arrived. Mistress took both petras arms and proceeded to tie them behind her back. Tonight was the turn of Mistresses TS friends to abuse slutty petra and when she opened the door she found 5 of them sitting in the room. Petra would not be allowed home until she had sucked and fucked each and everyone of them until they were all fully sated. She knew they could go on and on so it would be a long night. In the morning she woke up face down on the couch with a large dildo still stuck in her ass. Her ass ached so much but Mistresses pills made the pain go away quickly and she left happy that she had performed so well for all Mistresses friends.

To be continued

Story from Petra part 2

Over the next few days, Mistress introduced petra to a whole array of new sensations, she fisted her tight ass, mummified poor petra body in pvc and let a couple of old guys fuck her in both holes, picked her up and drove her to a deserted spot where another car was waiting, filled with guys who proceeded to rape Paul in turn over the bonnet of the car. Every fantasy he had ever dared share was acted out in detail driving him into a state of total capitulation. His secret fantasies were coming true and the desire for more overwhelmed him.

After deciding her poor slave had reached breaking point it was clear he was now ready for the final part of her plan to enslave him. That however was still only the start.

The slave was allowed a rest for a few days during which time the pills she had given him ran out. Around 2am she received a call. It was him, he desperately wanted to see her and btw, did she have any more pills available? She smiled to herself, her plan had worked, he would now be at her beck and call until such time that he was hers fully and could wean him off the medication.

Next week was to be the big day for her slave. She had been coming back daily for the pills and noticed her breasts had started to pump up and her nipples were becoming very sensitive, but she didnt care, she just needed the pills. For each pill she got fucked in the ass so she was more than happy at the trade, didnt matter who it was. Money changed hands in exchange for an hour with either paul or petra, depending on the clients preference. She felt good to be a prostitute again, how she had missed it. This time however was different. A special client wished to meet this sissy slave he’d heard so much about. All petra knew was that he was a very powerful man and very rich. Mistress showed him a picture of his well defined body and petra rose to attention immediately but even though filled with desire, it was difficult to maintain the erection and it soon faded. Petra spent the whole afternoon getting ready and was nervous with anticipation. She had been told to be extra slutty to this man as he could help her a lot if she pleased him. She licked her lips with anticipation.

When he arrived, petra was ready to greet him, she opened the door attired in the sluttiest dress Queen Melinda could devise. Petra took his coat and poured him a drink. She sat next to him and in her now perfected sissy lisping tone told him how gorgeous she thought he was and how she would be happy to do anything he asked. She slid her hand onto his crotch and began to unzip his pants. Out popped the most wondrous erection and petra got straight down to work. He spent the next few hours giving petra the workout of her life as if trying out a new car on the racing circuit. When finally spent he laid back and proceeded to give his evaluation of petra performance to Queen Melinda, who had watched throughout. For sure enthusiasm and technique were top marks, however his taste was more towards the outlandish shemale type, big breasts, silicon ass, collagen lips, the more plastic the better. If only she was able to enhance her figure, then she could serve me in my private mansion as one of his concubines. Queen Melinda explained that unfortunately petra had family commitments so she could never undergo such a permanent transition. He looked at petra, who felt ashamed. All she ever wanted was to be a shemale, but never had had the courage or opportunity to go through with it. He caressed her chin gently and looked into her eyes. I see a shemale looking back at me, i see the desire to transform. I can make it happen for you if you nod your head now. Unable to look away petra slowly nodded her head and whispered please sir, make it happen. I can no longer live as a man, i only desire to serve you and my Queen. He smiled again, my car is downstairs, we shall take you both to my mansion. Once through the gates though my dear you shall never leave. You will be my slave. Queen Melinda will live with us and run her Dominatrix business from one of my nearby properties. It has access through a tunnel so you will act as her sissy shemale assistant from now on. As for your family, i will personally ensure they are well taken care of. I have a counsellor and financial support for them in exchange for their signature on the bill of sale for you.

A private surgeon arrived the next day and proceeded to begin petra’s transformation. The Master certainly knew what he wanted, every alteration was way over the top, but petra loved each alteration as she came to resemble a plastic sex doll. Her life became so simple. She had her ass fucked numerous times a day, she spent most of the time with her mouth full and she got to wear the most amazing outfits. She loved her new life and her Mistress and Master.

More from Petra

When he arrived, petra was ready to greet him, she opened the door attired in the sluttiest dress Queen Melinda could devise. Petra took his coat and poured him a drink. She sat next to him and in her now perfected sissy lisping tone told him how gorgeous she thought he was and how she would be happy to do anything he asked. She slid her hand onto his crotch and began to unzip his pants. Out popped the most wondrous erection and petra got straight down to work. He spent the next few hours giving petra the workout of her life as if trying out a new car on the racing circuit. When finally spent he laid back and proceeded to give his evaluation of petra performance to Queen Melinda, who had watched throughout. For sure enthusiasm and technique were top marks, however his taste was more towards the outlandish shemale type, big breasts, silicon ass, collagen lips, the more plastic the better. Queen Melinda explained that unfortunately petra had family commitments so she could never undergo such a permanent transition willingly.

He agreed that it was a shame, petra certainly had the potential to make big money as a shemale hooker. He asked her directly, if no family ties would you do so willingly? Yes she replied, its all i have ever dreamed of. Its what i truly am. With that, a cloth soaked in chloroform was placed over petra’s mouth and nose, sending her into a deep sleep.

When she awoke, she was strapped to a table in an operating theatre. She was unable to shout as her mouth was clamped open. She looked down at her naked body and saw pen marks around her breasts, on her thighs. It was clear she was about to undergo a major operation.

At that moment in came Queen Melinda. She took petra hand and explained that she had been in contact with his wife for weeks after meeting and befriending her. She had explained all about how petra was conflicted and needed to be set free. Surprisingly the wife had taken it well as she had known about pauls gender issues and although angry at first, came to understand. Together they had hatched this plan and once petra agreed that she really desired to be shemale, then the wife had left Jakarta with all Pauls possessions to start a new life back home, leaving paul to be reborn as petra.

She went on to explain, ‘you are probably wondering why the kidnapping and the restraints, well you confided in me that this is your ultimate fantasy and i wished for you to experience it but without causing suffering to your family. So now, you have no home, no wife, you completely belong to me. All the money you sent as tribute has been saved for this operation. It is non refundable so the restraints help make sure you don’t try to back out, even though i know you want this so bad, you can never account for last minute nerves. You are now a slave so as such, i can do anything i want to you and i want to start with making you into a pretty little shemale slut. Once we finish here you will return to my new house in Kemang and you will learn the true meaning of being a slave. I shall train you to be my maid as well as putting you to work as a hooker. I still have bills to pay and this operation has cleaned out your account.

With that the surgeons entered the room. Now petra, before the nice doctors begin, shouldn’t you show your appreciation for the work they are going to d ofor you. I see your mouth is wide open ready... she smiled and left me to perform as series of blow jobs before the anaesthetic took hold. Once awoken, she was sore all over but after a few days, the bandages were ready to come off. When she saw her 42 DD breasts for the first time, she wept with happiness, her body although scarred was so womanly, she hugged and kissed Queen Melinda and thanked her for making her a shemale.

The slut inside screamed out for cock and she couldn’t wait to get started in her new role. Once the scars had healed, she had her advertisement on the internet and the enquiries start to flood in. She was so happy to work for Queen Melinda, and at the end of every day, following her final ass fucking from her Queen, she slipped into her gilded cage at the foot of her Queens bed and slept, dreaming of the next client who would come through the door.

Story from my Sissy Georgina part 1

I walk up to the room Mistress is staying at. I knock on the door and find it open. My heart beats faster as I open the door and walk into the room. It has the curtains drawn and it is dark. I enter inside and close the door. I call out to Mistress and she answers me in a stern voice “Take Off your clothes Slut! Make it quick.” I obediently take off all my clothes and place it on floor beside me.

“I am done Mistress” I say in a low voice shivering with excitement and fear. “On your knees Slut!” and I obey. I hear Mistress walking towards me and she stops in front of me. “Kiss my boots Slut. Show me how much you want to serve me.” I bend over and start to lick Mistress’s boots. Taking turn on each boot licking it and making it wet.
Mistress ask me to stop and stand-up. She turns on a torch light and shines at my body to inspect it. My cock is erect and in plain view of her sight. She reaches out to feel my pubic area to ensure it is hairless as she ordered which I had done. She give my cock a hard smack and I cringe in pain but it feels wonderful. She then turns me around and asks me to bend over and inspects my ass to see if it was also hairless and clean. “Very Good Slut” she whispers to my ear which makes me very happy as I love to make her happy. “Do you want to make me happier Slut?” she asks? I nod my head. “You will do everything I command won’t you?” she asks and I say “Yes Mistress” softly. She laughs.

She turns off the torch and gives me the torch and tells me to shine it on my cock. I turn on the torch and point the light at my cock she grabs hold of my cock and uses a cord to tie my cock and balls tightly and she gives it a smack when she finishes. She then takes the torch away from me and shines it on the bed and tells me to get on all fours on the bed. I obey her command. She blindfolds me with piece of cloth and a mask. I can feel her cock through her panty rubbing my ass as she blindfolds my eyes and I get even more excited. She then bring both my hands to my back and ties them together. She moves around the bed and climbs onto the front of the bed and i can feel her spreading her legs in front of me. “Slut make me happy!” I immediately bend forward in search of her cock and find it covered with her panty I start to lick the tip of it and followed by the whole length and I can feel it grow and and become hard. I hear a soft moan and it i feel very intoxicated by that.

I continue to lick her balls as well. She removes her panty and places the tip of her cock on my lips as I open my mouth and start to suck on Mistress's cock. While I am sucking her cock, suddenly I feel a paddle hitting ass with very hard smack which makes me jump. I moan with pain. I hear Mistress laughing from behind me. I become confused as I try to make sense of whats happening around me. Mistress whispers in a strict tone, “Slut your making my friend another Mistress very happy with your mouth don't stop or else...” I continue to suck on Mistress friend's cock while Mistress paddles my ass. Her friend grabs hold of my head and forces me to deep throat her cock. I choke on it and she continues to trust deep into my mouth. Mistress grabs hold of my cock and squeezes it hard as she jerks me off when I get close to cumming, she stops and smack my cock.....Then suddenly both Mistresses stop. I feel Mistress friend sliding off the bed.

My ass feels on fire with all the paddling. I feel someone spread my legs wide apart. Next I feel a pair of hands spread my ass apart. I feels a finger inserting into my ass. It feels cold and wet. I feel another few fingers being inserted as it is forced itself into my ass an nearly faint in pain. She then withdraws the fingers. Mistress Mel slides onto the bed and whispers softly in my ear to suck her hard cock. I feel Mistress friend's cock slide into my ass and she starts to fuck hard as I suck on Mistress Mel's cock. They take turns to fuck my ass and mouth. They stop and leave me alone. After a few moments I feels a pair of hands spread my ass again and a cold and large object being inserted in my ass. It nearly rips my ass apart. Then slowly they fuck my ass with the object i start to moan in pain and I can hear their laughter. Soon the pain is taken over by pleasure and I start to moan in pleasure. They continue to fuck my ass with it for a few more minutes and whithout any warning and in a swift motion, they pull it out from my ass.

They untie my hands and move me off the bed and make me kneel in front of them. Mistress Mel asks me if to open my mouth which I obey she then starts to give me her golden nectar in slow spurts and then in a steady stream till it stops and she places her cock on my lips and i lick it clean and she moves away. Next is Mistress's friend's turn to feed me her nectar. I obediently drink everything up like a good slave.

Mistress removes my blindfolds and I see both Mistresses standing in front with their cocks staring straight into my face. Mistress Mel leans forward and says, “Since you have been such an obdient slave, we have decided to reward you by letting to drink our cum. Would you like that?” I nod my head and say, “Yes Mistress” and I open my mouth in anticipation she places her cock in my mouth and I start to suck and lick her cock I feel it grow hard and throb inside my mouth and Mistress Mel start to moan softy and as she is about to cum, she pulls her cock off my mouth and cums into a wine glass and I repeat the same thing for Mistress's friend. Both their cum were deposited into the same wine glass. Mistress Mel gives me the glass and orders me to drink it all and not to waste a single drop. I take the glass and place it on my lips and drink it all up. I am exhausted and Mistress Mel and her friend smile at me and pat me on the help like I was their pet.

From my sissy Georgina in Singapore (part II)

I wait for Mistress arrival to the room. My heart is beating very fast since Mistress had told me that she had a surprise for me today. I hear a knock on the door and I open it hoping it is Mistress as I am totally naked as I was told to open the door and greet Mistress naked. To my relief it was her. She inspects my body while standing outside the room and after a few seconds, she enters the room I close the door and follow her. She rolls in an overnight bag and places it beside the bed. "Come here slut I want to inspect you closer" she commands and I move closer. She sits on the bed grabs hold of my erect cock and pulls me closer. She inspects to see if I had followed her instruction of getting completely hairless. I had spent a lot of time waxing at a salon. She turns me around spreads my ass to check it I did a complete job. She turns me around again and smiles at me. "I am pleased. You have done well" I feel very happy. She gets me on all fours with my ass facing her. I hear her open the zip of her bag. My ass is spread apart and I feel something being inserted into my ass. It feels like a butt plug. "Don't move" she commands. I could hear some rustling sound behind me and I guess she was changing her clothes for the session. When she arrived, she was wearing a blouse and a pair of shorts. After about a few minutes I hear her foot steps walking closer to me. Mistress sits on my back like riding a horse. I can feel Mistress cock and balls resting on my back and get excited. I also feel Mistress leather skirt resting on my back and her fishnet stockings rubbing against my side. She rocks her body slightly like she was riding me. Mistress then starts to play with the butt plug gently. The rubbing of the butt plug against my prostrate was making me delirious. "Are you my obedient slut who will listen to my every single command? Do you want to make me happy?" Mistress whispers. I nod my head and say "Yes, Mistress." She laughs softly and says, "I will know soon enough."

She stands up walks in front of me and stands in front of me. "Kiss and lick my boots," she commands. I immediately start kissing and licking Mistresses both boots. Mistress jams her boot into my mouth and fucks my mouth. She laughs as I try to take as much of the boot I into my mouth. She then whispers for me to pay attention to her legs and she sits on the edge of the bed. I eagerly comply as I want to get close to Mistress jewels. As I kiss and lick Mistress leg, I gradually move higher to her thighs. When I reach close to her balls she stops me. " You have not made me happy enough to touch it yet. Do you want it? What are you willing to do for me?" she asks. "I will do anything you ask Mistress," I replied. Mistress starts to laugh and she makes me turn around and look at her over night bag and inside the bag there is a host of ladies clothes, make up and toys. She whispers into my ear, "I want you to become a girl for today's session and be my girly slut doing everything a girly slut would do for me. That would make me very happy and I promise to let you taste my cock and if you follow everything I command I will let you drink my cum. Will you do it?" All the while she is speaking, Mistress was playing with my erect and throbbing cock with her boot and on occasion lightly kicking balls. It was making me delirious and high. I nodded my head saying, "yes Mistress I will do what it takes to make you happy."

Mistress smiles and stands up and gets me to sit on the bed. Next she takes out her makeup set and starts to apply it on my face. First the foundation followed by the blush, eye liner, eye shadow and a blood red color lipstick. She then took a wig a fitted it on to my head and combed it. She looked at me and smiled as if she was pleased with how she had made me look. I try to turn to the mirror to take a look but she stops me saying, "Not yet slut. When you are ready I will let you see how you look." Next she takes out some black colored lingerie and gives it to me to wear I put on the garter belt, fishnet stockings. bra and matching g-string. She gives me a black color French maid outfit to wear. I put on the outfit the skirt barely covers my ass. Mistress asks me to turn around to let her have a proper look of her handiwork and smiles as I turn to face her. She walks around to my back grabs hold of the butt plug and pulls it out. She picks out of her bag a 2" heel shoes and makes me wear it. She makes me walk around the room for a few mins to get accustomed to it. She then brings me to the mirror to let me have a look at her handiwork. I was amazed at the what I saw. It didn't look like me but a a sexy maid. I was speechless. She whispers, "you like your new girly slutty look?" I nod my head.

She laughs saying, "your so sexy that I am having a hardon just looking at you. Now kneel down and make me happy!" I immediately get on my knees and start to suck on Mistress cock. She continues to speak, "From now onwards till you change back to your male self, your name is Jenny. You will only answer to that name. Understand? As my girly slut, you will do all things that I my other slave girls do. " I nod my head not sure what I was getting myself into. Mistress starts to moan and fucks my mouth forcing her cock deep into my throat. I feel it throbbing inside my mouth. She fully pushes her cock deep into my mouth and starts to release her golden juice directly into my throat. I start to struggle to swallow it fast enough before it flows out of my mouth. After unloading her golden juice, she withdraws her tool. She looks at me and takes out the lipstick and redoes my lipstick and wipes away the mess around my mouth. She asks me," Did you enjoy your little reward? There is more if you continue to listen and follow my commands. Will you follow all my orders?" I quickly nod my head as I am delirious with what is happening.

She picks up the phone and makes a call and speaks in her native language. While she speaks, she plays with my cock and balls and I start to moan. She stops when she notices I was close to cumming. She hangs up the phone. She goes to the toilet and do something. There is a knock on the door and she calls out," Jenny answer the door and let my friend in." I walk to the door in apprehension and open the door and there is man outside and he just walks into the room. I just stand at the door shocked at what had happened as I thought Mistress had invited another Mistress to join us. Mistress steps out of the bathroom and greets her friend who makes himself comfortable on the bed. She walks over and sits beside him. She calls me over and introduces him to me. "This is slut Jenny and she will do anything to make me happy. Isn't that right Jenny?" I nod my head. She continues to introduce her friend,,"This is my good friend Jack . He is here to watch us and he appreciates girls like you. Come here so we can have a closer look." I walk and stand in front of them. They take a close look at me. Mistress caresses my legs and praises how I look and instantly I get a hardon. She notices it and points it out to him. She then lifts up my skirt and inspects it. She takes it in her hands and jacks it while playing with my balls. I start to moan softly. She orders me to turn around and bend over which I do obediently. She spreads my ass apart and shows my ass to him. I feel something being inserted into my ass and it runs against my prostrate and I moan a little louder. I can hear Jack laugh softly l. My cock is very hard and is aching for some relief. Mistress senses my need and she continues to play with my ass. The she suddenly removes the toy. She turns me around and made me kneel I front of them. She speaks to him(in her native language) and he nods his head with a smile and she turns around looking at me she says, ' Let me tell you more about Jake, he is one of my closest friends and whenever I need any help, he is there to help me. For the last few weeks he has been very stressed at work and was unable to get a proper erection and he could not cum and now he is in desperate need to release. I have promised him that he will have his wish today. I will only be happy today if I am able to satisfy his need. Today you have promised me to do everything you can to make me happy. Right? It is our job to make him cum. When he cums, I will give you the prize that I promised you. I will also let you cum." I nod my head not sure where this is going to lead to and say, "Yes, Mistress that is my promise to you." When she hears my words, she smiles and nods her head in approval.

Mistress moves closer to the edge of the bed, lifts her skirt and says,"Suck me now slut jenny!" I immediately obey and start to suck on Mistress cock making it hard and wet. She starts to get hard and moans softly. I feel my skirt being lifted and noticed that Jack has moved behind me and lifted my skirt. I feel a paddle hitting my ass cheeks setting it on fire and he continues to hit my cheeks non stop. I try not to think of the pain and concentrate on sucking Mistress cock. Mistress's cock starts to throb inside my mouth. She stops me and moves behind me. Jake has moved to the top of the bed and lies down with his back against the head of the bed. Mistress stands me up and she undoes my dress zip and lets it drop to the floor. She next removes my bra. She then caresses my nipples and sometimes pinching them till they are erect. She then takes a pair of butterfly clamps and clamps my nipples. Ii is so painful that i clench my fist and grimace. The 2 clamps are joined by a chain and when she pulls the chain down, the clamps squeezes the nipples harder making it even more painful. She pulls on the chain a few times to see my reaction. She commands me to get on the bed on all 4s. She moves me over above ensuring my mouth is just above Jack's cock. She then gives Jack the chain. She climbs on the bed and goes behind me and starts to finger my ass. Mistress removes the fingers in my ass and she inserts a dildo and fucks my ass with it. It feels so good that i start to moan. Jack starts to pull on the chain and the intense pain comes but the pleasure of the dildo in my ass is confusing my senses slowly the pain is overtaken with pleasure. Mistress then removes the dildo and mounts me. She starts to fuck me in long and slow strokes and Jack continues to tug at the chain but now harder giving me more pain. Mistress calls out to me asking, "Jenny, is Jake getting hard?" I look down and notice a big bulge in his pants and report to her that he was. She answers,"Please help to release his cock from it's captivity." She continues to ride me and i feel so good that without any inhibitions, I undo his pants and take his cock out and to my surprise, he is huge it is about 7 to 8inches long and quite thick. His cock head was pink and swollen. He sees my reaction and laughs and she joins in his laughter. She starts to fuck me harder and I moan louder. Jack pulls the chains harder. The pain in the clamps and the pleasure from the Mistress cock is getting me delirious. He pulls the chain downwards forcing my mouth closer to his cock. He whispers,"Suck on it!" in my confusion I open my mouth and take his cock into my moth and suck on it hard. Before i realize what has happening, I start to gag on his big cock. When I get back to my senses Jake's cock is deep inside my mouth.

I began to enjoy sucking his cock and can taste his pre-cum. I then notice that Mistress is no longer fucking me but she was actually beside me watching me suck Jack's cock. She laughs. Jake removes his cock from my mouth and gets off the bed. Mistress turns me over and now I am lying on my back. She sits on my chest pinning me to the bed and grabs hold of my legs pulling it to my chest totally exposing my ass and cock. She bends over and whispers,"I have a surprise for you Jenny for being such a good slut and following all my instructions." I start to smell smoke and realize that Mistress had lit up some candles. She starts to fuck my mouth with her erect cock. I feel Jake fingering my ass. I suddenly feel a hot liquid being poured on my groin area and it is stinging me and i realize it was the hot wax. Jack continues to let the wax drip on my balls and along the shaft of my cock. I am totally unable to move as Mistress has pinned me down and exposed my ass and cock to the hot wax. Then before i can come to terms with the wax, Jack enters me with one swift motion and I try to scream in pain but Mistress's cock has gagged me and no sound comes out. Jake starts to fuck my ass with long smooth strokes and slowly starts to increase in speed. His cock stretched my ass wide. It was driving me wild as pleasure overtook the initial pin and i was enjoying it. Mistress gets off my chest and watches us. I start to moan in pleasure and i can hear Jack's breath getting shorter and faster. His thrusts are faster within a few minutes he withdraws his cock and yanks out the condom and ejaculates. The ejaculation is so strong that his cum reached my chest area. He was so drained he falls on the bed catching his breath.

Mistress comes close to me and says,' You seem to have enjoyed it." I nod my head. She points to cock and even though it was covered with wax it was hard as a rock. She grabs hold of it and starts to play with it and with minutes I start to cum and shoot my load all over my body. She then grabs hold of my head and starts to fuck my mouth and also cums within minutes filling my mouth with her sweet nectar. she then takes the g-string which i was wearing and wipes her cock clean. She falls onto the bed exhausted. The 3 of us lie the exhausted. Jack gets up and enters the bath room and we hear the shower turned on. He is out after a few minutes and gets dressed. He says something to Mistress and she smiles and nods her head. He waves goodbye to me and leaves the room. Mistress helps me off the bed and brings me to the bathroom. She helps me with my bath cleaning off all the makeup i was wearing as well as the wax and cum all over my body. I leave the bathroom and she continues to clean herself while i get dressed. She come out and gets dressed too. I help her to pack her bag. We leave the room together and as we part at the entrance of the hotel she says,'I would really loved to see Jenny again. Check your pocket." She give me the wicked grim and enters the cab and drives off. When I put my hand inside my jacket pocket i feel a wet piece of cloth and realise it a cum soaked g-string which i wore earlier. I immediately receive a text msg. It said,"something for you and Jenny to remember me by till the next time."

From Georgina (part III)

I had received a phone call from Mistress who ordered me to come over for the weekend and she would like to see me on friday evening through to Sunday evening. As it was only 1 day notice I immediately rushed to book the ticket for Friday Noon flight and was quite lucky to get a seat. I had reached just after 4pm. I walked out of the customs and found Mistress waiting for me. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose blouse. She looked really beautiful. I immediately walked over to her And greeted her. We then walked out to the car park to where her car was. I opened the car door for her and then got into the car. Mistress started the car and we drove off. Mistress said, "Let's have an early dinner, I know a place which opens early for dinner and it will be quiet ideal for us." I agreed as I wanted to start our session as woo as possible without any interruptions. We travelled for about half an hour before arriving at the restaurant. We went inside and true to what Mistress had said there were no customers inside yet. We walked in as was shown a table discreetly situated at one corner of the restaurant. We ordered our dinner and a bottle of white wine. After drinking the first glass of wine Mistress said, "I think you had enough of this weak stuff. I am going to give you a glass of champagne to get your appetite up." Mistress takes my empty glass and walk off to the toilet and after a few minutes brings to back three quarter full with a light golden color nectar. Mistress puts it down on the table in front of me and said," that's my Chardonnay for you to enjoy. Bottoms up and don't spill a drop!' I immediately obey and gulp down Mistress nectar. We continue with the dinner and we leave the restaurant. We make our way to Mistress apartment.

When we enter her apartment she immediately tells me to strip and go to the bathroom to prepare her bath. I obey her instruction and strip down and enter the bathroom and turn on the shower and make sure the water is nice and warm. She enters the bathroom and steps into the shower. She looks lovely. I get a hard on just looking at her. She notices it and smiles. I apply soap to her body and wash her hair. When my hand reaches her cock, she lets me clean it and her butt hole with my tongue as well. I nearly explode just looking at them. I nearly came and try hard to control myself and she notices this and giggles. She finishes her bath and I dry her and she orders me to take a bath and leaves the bathroom. I take a quick shower and come out of the bath. As I step into the room I see Mistress in a red silk negligee in front of me. She smiles seeking the reaction of my face. She takes my hand and guides me to the bed and makes me lie face down. Mistress whispers in my ear, “You’re such an obedient slave to come over the moment I ordered. I am so happy that you did. I will reward you with a massage now.” She sits on my ass and starts to give me a massage I can feel her cock through her silk undies rubbing against my butt slightly parting it apart. It was making me hard. She turned me over and looking at my erect cock, she gave me a grin and continued to massage me taking trouble not to touch my cock. She goes down to my legs and I could see her mouth just beside my cock and while she massages my thighs. She looks at me and says, “Would you like me to kiss your cock or maybe even give it a little lick?” I nod my head and say, “Yes, Mistress.” She laughs She takes hold of my cock and slowly jacks me off. It is so good that I start to moan. She gets on top of me and sits on my stomach and lets her ass rub against my cock saying, “Or maybe letting to fuck your Mistress? Would you like that?” I replied, “Yes, Mistress I would like that very much.” She smiles grabs hold of my cock tightly and answers, “What would you do for me to reward you with these gifts?” I recalled the last time i was asked the similar question and what rewards my answer had brought and answered, “Anything you want me to do Mistress.” She replies, “Are you sure about your reply? Will you change your mind later?” I shake my head and reply, “No, Mistress I will not change my mind.”

She looks at me and smiles, nods her head replying, “That’s good. You will get your reward after you do my bidding. But now you will satisfy your Mistress.” She reaches out to the 2 top edges of the bed and draws out 2 cuffs and cuffs both my hands apart. She then spreads my legs apart and ties them down as well. She then takes a cord and ties up my cock and balls. She starts to slap my cock lightly and slowly increases in strength till it starts hurting. She then stops and pinches my nipples hard. I started to moan and groan in pain. She then started to caress my erect nipples which were sensitive and stroke my cock. The pleasure was intense and I started to moan in pleasure. Mistress then whispers to my ear, “I have a BDSM party to to attend tomorrow and I would like Jenny to attend with me. Jenny will need to be properly dressed, made up and look like a real girl. So we will have to start early to get her ready. Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to become Slut Jenny, do my bidding and make me happy?” I replied, “Yes, Mistress. I am willing to do what you want me to.” She smiles. She gets on top of me and sits on my chest. She takes her cock out of her panty and places it on my lips. I open my mouth and take it in. I start to suck on Mistress cock and I feel it getting hard and throbbing in my mouth. Mistress starts to moan. She grabs hold of my head and forces her cock deeper down my throat. I start to choke. She then withdraws her cock. She gets off me, removes all my restraints. She turns me into a doggie position. After apply some lubricant, she enters my ass. She pumps me hard and fast. It feels great as she rapes my ass. I feel a sting on my ass i notice that Mistress had light up a candle and let the hot wax pour on my ass. i get more excited and end up moving my ass into Mistress cock instead. She withdraws suddenly comes over in-front of me and unloads her sweet nectar into my mouth. I lick every last drop not wasting anything and savoring the taste. She then unloads her golden champagne into my mouth. It felt very satisfying. She kisses my forehead and lies beside me and we fall asleep. I fall asleep with a hint of trepidation with what i had gotten myself into by promising to do all her bidding but with the taste of her cum and champagne in my mouth i felt contented and drifted off to sleep. (To be Continued)


I felt someone tapping me. I open my eyes and see Mistress standing at the bed side all dressed up. "Wake up and get ready" says Mistress while she walks out of the room. I check my watch as I get up from bed it is 6am. I enter the bathroom and do the morning duties. I step out of the bath dry myself and enter the room. I find Mistress seated on the bed. She says, "Wear these as it will be more comfortable where we are going." It is a tee-shirt and a pair of beach shorts and a pair of slippers. I look around for my briefs but did not see it. As I make my way towards my bag to get it, Mistress sensing what I was about to get stops me saying, "I don't want you to wear any today." I continue to get dressed. We to the kitchen Mistress had prepared breakfast. While having breakfast Mistress says,  "We are going to a beauty parlor after breakfast to get Jenny ready for tonight's party. You are ready to do everything right?" I nod my head saying, "Yes, Mistress." We leave the apartment it is about 7 in the morning. Mistress drives us to the place. We enter the parlor there is 2 ladies waiting for us inside. Mistress introduces me to them and informs me that the ladies were kind enough to start work early as the preparation would take quite a few hours and they closed the shop just to entertain us. When the introductions are done, Mistress turns to me and says, "From this moment your Jenny and will do everything to get yourself ready for tonight's party." I reply nodding my head, "Yes Mistress." Mistress smiles, takes my hand and brings me into the back-room. While we walk towards the room I notice one of the ladies walking to the main door and locking it. Once we enter the room, I notice it has a treatment table. Mistress says, “Jenny please take off all your clothes and get on the table. You have too much hair all over and they are going to remove it and make your body smooth to touch." I was caught by surprise and hesitated for a moment. Mistress walks over to me and in a stern voice ask me, "You said you would do anything I asked you. Are you backing out on your promise? I will be very unhappy and disappointed with you. Would you want that? But if you wish YOU can leave now but you will not be able to serve me every again." I immediately shake my head and reply," No, Mistress. As promised I will do everything you want me too." I start to remove my clothes and get on the table as quickly as I can as I didn't want Mistress to question my loyalty. She smiles sweetly and I feel elevated. She takes a hold of my cock and gently caresses it and says, “Just think of the reward you will get. Anyway I need to go and buy some things to prepare for tonight. You will stay here and let these to ladies work on you. You will follow their every instruction and obey as it was my instructions." I nod my head to every instruction. My cock is hard the erect with her caresses. Mistress leaves the room. The 2 ladies come close to me and they start to giggle looking at my erection. One of them says, “Don’t worry Jenny, we will take good care of you. It is going to sting when are waxing. We suggest that you take this tablet, it is a tranquilizer to help you cope the stinging sensation." I take the tablet and swallow it down. I lie on the treatment table. They turn on some light music. They start to prepare all the equipment that is required i.e. the wax the strips, nail polish, etc. I start to feel light and the feel i am floating. I start to feel to hum the tune. I notice the ladies smiling to each other. They come over and one of them starts to remove my facial hair by a string. it hurt at first but then the medicine took over and i did not feel it too much. The other lady starts to stick fake nails on my fingers. They are very fast. The lady working on my nails starts to apply a nail polish while the other lady applies some sort of cream on my face and start to give me a facial. Soon my face is covered with some cream or paste not sure what it was and places something on my eyes. They then start to wax my body. I was high and did not feel too much pain. but I noticed there were times the 2 ladies were touching my cock but i didn’t care. Next thing I knew they turned me over and started on my back. I felt them spread out my butt to wax. There were instance I felt something probing my butt hole but did not care too much. When they started on my legs, i started to feel the sting and it got worse. The pill had started to wear off but luckily they too had finished the waxing. They removed whatever was on my face. They told me they were going to apply a lotion on my body to remove any traces of wax that was left behind. One of them started at my leg while the other got on the bed behind my head and was applying oil on my shoulders and chest. It felt very good soon i closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensation. After some time I noticed that the massage had stopped i open my eyes to notice both of them stripped down and one holding a 6” strap on. I was speechless they said in one voice, “Now it is our time for a little enjoyment. You are supposed to listen to everything we tell you right?” I nod my head. They took turns getting my to lick their pussy while the other raped my ass. Every time the licking was slow, they would pinch my nipples and fuck me even harder. It hurt a little but was wonderful feeling. After both of them had cum, they brought me to the bathroom and I took a shower. I came out of the bath and sat on a chair. One of the ladies started to apply makeup on my face. When that was done, she put a wig on my head. The wig was shoulder length and was light brown in color. All this while I was not allowed to see myself on a mirror. All I was able to see was that whole front part of my body was completely hairless and I assumed that my back was the same. Mistress walked into the room shortly after the lady had finished. She was carrying a few bags. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Hi Jenny, you looking very pretty. The ladies did a wonderful job on you. I hope you treated them right and followed their instructions." The ladies giggled and nodded their heads. Mistress opens the bags and starts to take out different pieces of clothes. She takes out a pair of pink stockings and garter belt and hands it to me. I put them on. She gives me a black thong and bra to wear. Next comes a micro skirt which is also pink in color followed by a blouse which is made of sheer material which allows anybody to notice the black color bra I was wearing. Mistress looks at me from top to bottom and nods in approval. She then allows me to look in the mirror to see the transformation. I close my eyes while she guides me to the front of the mirror. When I open my eyes, I cannot believe what I saw. It was a really slutty looking girl staring back at me. I couldn't believe my eyes. I could not recognize myself. Mistress then gives me pair of 3" heeled stilettos to wear. It was difficult to walk to stand in then and more difficult to walk in them. After nearly a hour of practice, I was able to walk in them. Mistress looked at the time and said, "Jenny, I think it's time we had our lunch." I look at the time. It is nearly 2pm. It took nearly 5hours to complete this transformation. Mistress thanks the 2 ladies and I thank them also. They in invite me back whenever I need. We walk out the door it is a bright day. Mistress says, "The restaurant we are going is about a 10minutes walk away. This will help you in your walking as well as give you some confidence in your look. We start to walk down the pavement after a few minutes we notice a few guys hanging outside a coffee shop. One of the guys notices us and starts to point at us and say something in their native tongue as we walk towards them. Mistress whispers to my ear that the guys are talking about me and they find me hot. I feel a little confident and try to walk more alike a model. Mistress notices this and she laughs softly. Just as we walk past them, Mistress accidentally drops her sunglasses. I instinctively bend over to pick it up. I hear the guys start whistling in my direction a few of them start to call out to me. I realize that my skirt has moved up and showed my thongs as well as my garter belt. I immediately stand up straight and handover the glasses to Mistress. She laughs saying, “Just the reaction I thought you will get Jenny." I realize it was something Mistress had done to test how guys would perceive me looks. They start to call me an get a little aggressive. Mistress holds my hand and pulls me along. I notice the guys start to follow us and get a little worries that I might found out and get into deep trouble. One of the boys catches up with us and he touches my butt Mistress quickly pushes his hands away and we walk even faster. We reach the restaurant just as the rest of them reached us. Just as we enter the door, 2 burly looking guys set out and stop the boys and turn them away. It was a close call. We enter the place I notice there were a few late people having late lunches. Some of the men stared at me, some gave me a sly smile and the ladies gave a disapproving look. I try not to look at them and we walk towards the end of the place. There was a table at the end of the room with a middle age guy well-dressed sitting there looking at us. Mistress heads straight to him and greets him with a kiss. She then sits beside him and introduces me to him saying, “Jenny I would like you to meet Mr Jones." I shake his hand and as I slide to sit beside Mistress, she tells me to sit beside Mr Jones on the opposite side. Mr Jones looks at me with great scrutiny. When I get seated beside him, Mistress continues to explain that Mr Jones is the employer of John  whom I had met the last time and Mr Jones like John appreciates girls like me. He heard so much about me that he wanted to meet me but because he wanted me to get a full transformation, he actually paid for the services at the beauty salon. He also owns the restaurant that we are in and a few businesses in the area. Mistress also said I should thank him which I did. He smiled nodded his head. He took out of his pocket a gift wrapped box and gave it to me. I tore off the wrapper and opened the box and inside the box was an 4" anal plug. I was surprised. He took it from my hand and placed it on the table. I noticed that the other customers were looking at the plug on the table. There was a sudden silence in the restaurant. He took it and placed on my lips and told me to suck it. I was shocked and didn't know how to respond to his request. Mistress looked at me and said sternly, "Slut do it now." I immediately followed her order. I looked at the table while sucking the plug and could feel the stares that people were giving me. My eyes turned red and tears formed. Mistress seeing this said, "You are my slut slave and you are not to feel or care for anything but satisfying me. Now stand up and bend over the table and spread your legs." I stand up and bend over with me facing the other customers. Mr Jones takes the anal plug from me. He lifts my skirt moves my panty to the side and inserts the plug into my ass. I hear a few grasps. I felt so humiliated. I sit down. The waiters serve our lunch. I try to eat it as quickly as I can hoping Mistress would do the same but she takes her time laughing and chatting with Mr Jones. I finish my food and wait for them. The restaurant starts to empty out leaving a few tables occupied and those who are still around continue to stare at me from time to time. I keep my head down when I notice them looking at me. Mr Jones, towards the end of his me gently takes my hand and places it on his pants. I can feel his hard cock through the pants material. He takes hold of my fingers to unzip and unhook his pants. His cock comes out and it is nearly 8" and thick. I am stunned at the sight of his cock. He takes my hand and wraps my fingers around his cock. I hold his cock and notice Mistress smiling and nodding in approval. I gently jack off his cock he seems to be enjoying what I am doing and smiles. It is so hard and big I can't take my eyes off it. Pre-cum starts to ooze out from the tip. Mistress leans over and uses her finger to scoop up some of it and brings it to my lips. I lick Mistress’s finger. It tastes a little salty. She laughs and removes her finger when it is clean. I sit patiently waiting. Mr Jones whispers something into Mistress’s ear, she giggles and nods her head. She then looks at me and says, “Mr Jones here would like you to taste try his desert now. You are very lucky for him to offer it to you.” I just nod my head in surrender and bend over to his cock and open my mouth. Mistress says,” It is not that easy to get so you will need to coax it out of him.” I resign myself to my fate and start to lick his cock. He places my hand over my head and starts to force my mouth down his long and thick shaft. I start to choke but it feels so good inside my mouth and I forget where i am and enjoy the sensations. He moves his hand to my ass and plays with the butt plug. it rubs against my prostrate and gets me high. I suck on his cock hard and jack it faster. Soon he starts to cum inside my mouth I can hear his moans as he gives me his desert. It was salty and tasted very nice. When it stops, I continue to lick his cock clean with his cum still inside my mouth. I sit up and open my mouth showing Mistress and him what I have and then swallow it down. They smile and continue to talk to each other. I then realize where i was and when i look up, i notice the men giving me a lusty look while the women are disgusted. i did not care about it but lick my lips and smile causing some men to give out a slight groan.

Lunch is over soon after and we have coffee. Soon after that, Mistress tells me it is time to go back to prepare for tonight’s party. Mr Jones tells me that I will have to continue to wear my butt plug till the party where only he will remove it. Mistress nods in agreement. We stand up and say our good byes to him and take our leave. As we walk out, i can feels all eyes following my every movement. Once we step out the door, we notice a car waiting for us at the road side. Mistress lets me know that we are straight going to the place of the party which is at Mr Jones house and all the necessary clothes have been sent there. I get into the car. It was chauffeur driven. It is a limousine. After the car drives off, Mistress moves closer to me and caresses my face and says, “Jenny, i am very proud of you and you made me proud by obeying my every command.” I felt very happy that I made Mistress so happy. After about nearly an hour of traveling we reach his house. It is a bungalow and the garden surrounding the house was huge. We get off the car and the servants show us to our room. It is a huge room and I notice some bags there. Mistress tells me that it is our clothes for tonight’s party. She tells me to go and take a nap as it is going to be a long and enjoyable night. I take of my clothes and hang then up. Leaving the butt plug still in, I get on the bed and fall asleep. As I drift away I take stock of what has happened and felt thrilled but thinking about what going to happen tonight left me a little apprehensive.



From my Giselle in Shanghai

My dear and beloved Queen,

Of course, I could wait to be with you and tell you face to face what I'll write here, but words fly and writings remain.

We've been in contact for more than one year now. At the beginning, you know I was completely lost. I was feeling something, I knew I had to find myself, to understand what I am and what I want. And from the beginning, I felt you were the one who could lead me on the way.

It's been a chaotic way. I had ups and downs. But you never pushed me, you always encouraged me to take my time, to follow my own rhythm. I knew very early that I would end up owned by you, because I could feel you totally understand me and read in me. I never felt like this with anyone.

You first helped me confirm my submissive nature, and you made me feel good and positive about it. Thanks to you, I came to understand it's not just a kinky fantasy, but an attitude, a lifestyle. It was a very important step because after that, I knew I could let my very deep nature come to the surface without fear or shame.

Then you revealed my gay side. I can't say I was surprised by this revelation. It made me understand why I was never able to sustain a solid relationship with a girl. All these years, I have tried to keep my real me from expressing itself, I have pretended to be a "normal straight guy". And obviously, it was all a lie.
Discovering my gay preference was the real gate opener to my real nature. Petra's story also helped me a lot. During the past couple of weeks, I have accepted to stop resisting, to let my true personality arise, under your careful guidance.

I want to try to explain how I feel. By creating Giselle, you gave me the chance to become my real me. It's a bit like entering a new body, a new appearance, which perfectly fits my feelings and desires. I feel like I have lived in the wrong body all these years, and now Giselle is waiting for me to be her, to be me.
I know this is just the beginning, but I am Giselle now. There is still long way to go, and you will guide me. Giselle is me, and she's your creation, which makes me your total property. There is no way out now. I'm in your hands, and I know you will make your creation more perfect.

Thank you my Queen, I love you.

Your obedient slut,